Educational system changes come and go, but the main point usually is passed by. As my tutor at the University of Sussex used to say 'Don't let school interfere with your education'. You go to school to get instruction and training but education is received at home, life, culture. People usually confuse one for the other. Could courses on ethics, morality, love-thy-neighbor transform war mongering, racist, war prone individuals, like many americans today be redeemed into pacific, love thy neighbor persons? Of course not. At least no so easy.
Within an economy so dependent on war and war oriented production, R & D, education and culture in general, it would be extremely difficult to make a turnover, a roundabout. Everything is war oriented in US and citizens are manipulated to overlap patriotic feelings with economy of war goals and objectives. That is why Bush administration has had to invent enemies and wars. This is of course regrettable. So many valuable and distinguished american individuals in their history and societal events that it is quite sad to see a paradigmatic democracy admired by many is sliding away towards a hated police empire.
Bushian 'war on terrorism' is only winning more enemies and hatred due to 'collateral damage' in nations and in persons; fear grows within US and many think a new fascist state is growing there. Renounce war democratic Americans! Only by significant actions as this would social development will take place in a world full of needs and poverty. As Ruth Leger Sivard writes 'weapons and strategies elaborated by governments for so-called defense are largely irrelevant to the underlying instabilities and dangers of today. We need stronger focus on the threats that touch people in their daily lives: hunger, illness, joblessness, crime…A further steady reduction in the hundreds of billions of dollars spent yearly on military programs could free the resources needed and insure a more equitable and more peaceful world'.
Bush should remember Mark Twain’s phrase: 'When the only tool is a hammer, all your problems look like nails'.